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Allow us to contribute to the success of your project, big or small, through the multiple individual services we can offer:

Meticulous Planning​
On Time Delivery
Clear Communication
Problem Solving

Permit Expediting

Permit Expediting, drawings, architectural, permitting, engineering

DCM Consulting specializes in executing the permitting process and fulfilling requirements to meet local jurisdiction requirements for a building permit issuance.  By utilizing our past experience in a General Contractor roll, your project will be placed in service earlier, no matter the current stage of development – we can help.

We utilize a three-step process to provide success:

  • Due Diligence

    We provide an initial review to confirm accuracy and completeness, assuring efficiency through the review process.

  • Submittal Process

    One point of contact throughout the application process will maintain an efficient flow of information between the project team and local jurisdiction.

  • Tracking

    Constantly monitor review progress and report updates identifying any corrections required. We facilitate conversation and flow of information between all parties to reach compromises if needed.

Project Types:

  • New Construction
  • Commercial
  • Industrial 
  • Residential 
  • Remodels
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Improvements

Services We Provide:

    • Accuracy Confirmation
    • Printing & Application Submittal
    • Permit Tracking
    • Status Updates
    • Guidance on Corrections
    • Design Review Negotiations
    • Approved Permit Pickup & Delivery

If you don’t see your local jurisdiction above, please contact us to discuss how we can help your project

Draw Inspections / Pay App Certification

DCM Consulting has developed a best practices approach to monitor the health of projects via Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  These indicators provide valuable, objective, and quantifiable insight into why projects succeed while others fail, and where issues arise along the way.  By tracking these indicators during Draw Inspections, we are able to proactively alert the team to possible issues, allowing additional comfort and confidence in your financial position in the project, reducing risk exposure, and increasing ROI’s.  Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Budget Review
      • Identify cost issues
      • Quantify ROM’s (Rough Order Magnitudes)
      • Confirm Change Orders
      • Highlight Potential Cost Exposures
  • Schedule Review & Percent Complete Analysis
  • Material in-place observation
  • Submittal Processing Efficiency
  • RFI Processing Efficiency
  • Quality Control / Punchlist
  • Safety
  • Jobsite visit to confirm Contractor Pay Application
Draw Inspections, cash flow, schedule, timeline, pay application

Scheduling - Predevelopment & Construction

Scheduling - Predevelopment & Construction

The most critical piece of a construction project is an accurate Project Schedule.  This document lays the foundation for the required coordination, procurement, responsibilities, and productivity required from all parties involved to deliver a successful development.  It is a document that will hold each team member accountable to a timeline and provides a metric to the overall health of the project.

Our construction knowledge coupled with a detailed understanding of procurement timelines and productivity rates, we are able to provide a complete project schedule based on Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling, which is the most widely used scheduling technique.  This approach outlines the minimum duration for the project when tasks have proper logic applied and clearly identifies the activities that must be done in sequence to complete the project on time.

Be it a Predevelopment schedule, draft construction schedule, or continual progressing in partnership with the General Contractor, we can find a level of service to meet your needs

Due Diligence Investigation

Proper planning makes or breaks a development.  With our Due Diligence Services we can provide insight to potential issues before they arise by analyzing the budget, confirming adequate GC scope coverage for the proposed design, any potential issues in the design, and validate the proposed project schedule.  Our investigation includes:

  • Property Description and General Characteristics
  • Comments on contracts with: Architect, Civil Engineer, MEP Consultants, other design professionals
  • Comment on Owner / General Contractor Contract including:
      • Statement of Qualifications
      • Scope of Work
      • Proposed Budget / Schedule of Values
      • Exclusions & Clarifications
      • Construction Schedule
      • Insurance & Bonds
  • Comments on contract with Third Party Consultants (Geotech Engineer, Environmental, etc.)
  • Plans & Specifications review, including Geotech integration into design
  • Permitting approval status
  • Environmental conditions, if any
  • General property information – zoning / land use approval, utility availability, property records
  • Summary of recommended action items based on our review
  • Physical Need Assessments
  • Replacement Reserve Calculations
Due Diligence Investigation​

Constructability Design Review

Constructability Design Review​

With today’s technology allowing an efficient and collaborative approach to constructability design review, this often overlooked step is the greatest contribution a General Contractor can make in the Predevelopment Phase.  Often times, a GC has yet to be engaged this early in a project, so the review falls by the wayside.  

Utilizing Bluebeam’s technology in pdf comment and markups, DCM Consulting is able to provide real time feedback on an Architect’s published set of drawings, allowing all parties invited to the session to collaborate.  This process includes a page turn of each drawing sheet, review of details and sequencing, material selection, coordination of utilities, and overall completeness check of the set.

Through this process, potential cost exposure is reduced by quality control of the drawings, and early budget issues can be vetted through material substitutions should the project cost be exceeding the development budget.  In addition, better market representation will be achieved as subcontractors will be willing to bid on a clean, clear, and organized drawing set.

Owner’s Representation & Construction Management

Our most comprehensive service is guiding Developers through the initial conceptual stages of design to construction closeout and year-one warranty checkup.  Our services can include:

Pre-Investment & Initial Planning

  • Site selection
  • Land acquisition & entitlements
  • Align delivery strategy with financing strategy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Proforma budgeting
  • Team assembly and coordination:
      • Architect RFP, interviews, & selection
      • Design team consultant procurement – Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical
      • Third party consultant procurement – Accessibility, Environmental Studies, Seismic Analysis & Geotech
  • Online shared library of project documentation
  • Overall development Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling & management
  • Conceptual & schematic budget development
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability & design review
  • Manage Contractor engagement via RFP, interviews, & selection
  • AIA Contract customization & contract negotiation
  • Contractor management and staffing review
  • Special inspector procurement
Construction Administration
  • Pay Application review & approval aligning with progress
  • Budget management & cost exposure tracking
  • Cost impact review & change negotiation
  • Construction kick-off meeting
  • Monitor Long Lead Equipment procurement & overall schedule progress
  • Assist contractor with QAQC Program
  • RFI & submittal review
  • Assist with RFI issue resolution when cost or quality impacted
  • Site inspections, photographic records, & progress reports
  • Track Project Key Performance Indicators
  • Contingency Strategy
  • Sequencing and logistics planning support
Construction Closeout
  • Punchlist coordination & review
  • Closeout documentation, warranty, & As-Built review
  • One-year post construction warranty walk
Owner’s Representation & Construction Management​